Readers’ Community

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A supportive and inspiring community established by author Joanna Becker.

This Readers’ Community is here to encourage readers of my books to continue to feel self-love, inspiration, freedom and health, and to support your whole family in positive living … after all the book pages have been turned. If there’s anything in particular you are after, you can search on this website using the search bar on the sidebar.

PLUS: In our private Facebook group you can access:

  • free downloads of 15-minute Health Meditation audios, which I recorded on my way around Australia with my young family.
  • Invitations to our amazing affiliate wellness program free health seminars (Tribal Wellness Movement, Mums Being Awesome, The Healthstyle Emporium and many more)
  • The latest channeled messages from Joanna Becker and guiding angels with the Real Food Tribe Weekly Metaphysical Readings.

If you make a post or a comment in the private Facebook group, I will get back to you and tag you in a post that I think may be helpful to you. You can also search in the private Facebook group for recent posts and conversations on the topic.

I hope you find the links in this community both inspirational and helpful for all your goals, meaning you can have more ease and grace in your lifestyle and especially throughout the early years of parenting.

In this community I will support you and be by your side every step of the way on your ongoing journey to amazing self-love and physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Please show support to fellow members and offer encouragement and your own tips and healthy-living. We would all love to hear from you!

– Diet and Nutrition, Recipes and Food Creativity
– Meditation, Mindfullness, Science of Life
– Love, Peace, Community, Friendship, Laughter
– Yoga, Exercise, Energy, Fun and Activities
– Resourceful and Respectful Homes

Finally, thank you for coming into our Reader’s Community to talk about ways to create better family lifestyles, with holistic and healthy parenting and especially the power of the mind and real foods made at home by the family. I love that we’ve been able to come together here to share our special interest.

Joanna Becker, Author, Wellness Medium and Blogger

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