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The Real Food Tribe – Private Community is here to encourage you to feel self-love, inspiration, freedom and health and support your whole family in positive living.

My name is Joanna Becker. I’m an author of 3 books on encouraging mums and children to love themselves, honour their bodies and have a fabulous peaceful wondrous mindset towards life. I’m also an active mum, and I already know that taking on extra exercise and a rapid-transformation diet will distract me from my kids and possibly not even be achievable. I’ve tried detoxing and personal training in the past when I was breastfeeding and the detox only lasted 6 hours, and the personal training was great for the hour but then I’d be in pain for days! And it’s just not safe to have those side-effects when you are full-time with active kids. So while I knew I wanted to improve my health, I’m no good as a mum when I’m weak or my legs are too sore to move. Kids need mums all the time and this digital system definitely looked family-friendly. Along with this, everything I learned that made a profound difference in my life, I wanted to share with others so they too, could benefit from an amazing self-healing technique 🙂

In this community I will support you and be by your side every step of the way on your ongoing journey to amazing self-love and physical wellness. Therefore please show support to fellow members and offer encouragement and your own tips and healthy-living. We would all love to hear from you!

– Diet and Nutrition, Recipes and Food Creativity
– Meditation, Mindfullness, Science of Life
– Love, Peace, Community, Friendship, Laughter
– Yoga, Exercise, Energy, Fun and Activities
– Resourceful and Respectful Homes

Finally, thank you for coming into our friendly public space to talk about ways to create better family lifestyles, with holistic and healthy parenting and especially the power of the mind and Whole Foods. I love that we’ve been able to come together here to share our special interest.

Jo Becker

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