Mammalian Meat Allergy (Alpha-Gal) – aligning yourself with the right tribe – and live with it successfully and happily

For a couple of years now I’ve had what I suspected was a “red-meat allergy”, from a paralysis tick bite. This is a growing concern especially on the coastal areas of NSW and QLD. There are new cases diagnosed every day, children included, so I wanted to share with you a little of what I’ve learned, so you can help yourself, or others, access good information should they ever be affected.

Firstly – if you’re ever bitten by a paralysis tick (and please teach your kids this!) – don’t try to remove it – don’t even touch it! Keep a “wart-off” product in your handbag/backpack and freeze it off so the paralysis tick cannot inject you with the “alpha-gal” protein, which it could have picked up by a recent feed (a cow, for example). If you don’t have access to the wart-off product, leave the tick in place until you can get to a chemist. Essential Oils are a little more risky as they can take a bit longer to work and the tick can still get irritated and inject you – I used essential oils and I still got the allergy – so please consider getting wart-off.

Secondly – if you are bitten by a paralysis tick, it’s not guaranteed you will become allergic to mammal meat products. This is just one form of a paralysis tick bite side-effect. So book a doctor appointment and have a blood test to check for “alpha-gal allergy”. You will also know if you suddenly start getting sick after eating. For me the symptoms were full-body tingles, tremors, heart palpitations, nausea like food-poisoning, urge to vomit but difficulty vomiting, sleepless nights with high anxiety, drop in blood pressure, urge to cry etc, pacing hallways etc. I mistook these symptoms for panic attacks. What I found worked for my “panic attacks” was vitamin C (4 mandarins did the trick!) or a vitamin C supplement, and an anti-histamine over time as the symptoms worsened. As they became worse again – I didn’t realise the foods I was eating were triggering allergy – I started using an asthma puffer occasionally to open my airways and calm me down, along with essential oils Sage, Lemon Grass, Frankincense, and Peppermint. I’ll always keep these first-aid tools with me now, but generally a state of calm, yoga, and deep diaphragmatic breathing is a really good preventative for the worse symptoms.

Thirdly – if you or someone else has alpha-gal allergy, don’t despair! It just takes time to get your mindset organised, for a change in diet and more diligence when eating out. I also recommend going to see an Allergy Specialist and checking the extent of the allergy. It can range from beef, to include all mammals, to even include milk and even milk-chocolate.

Fortunately for me during this time I was taking a whole-food powder in vegan-capsule, and vegan-shake. Juice Plus+ is all vegan. When I was first affected 2 years ago, as you might have heard me say on our recordings, Juice Plus+ “saved my life” when I didn’t know what was making me sick, because Juice Plus+ smoothies filled my belly up when I was both confused and weak! It was over 6 months before I was told by a friend about paralysis ticks. I hope that by writing this, you can possibly save time for a friend who is bitten and becomes sick.

Here are some practical solutions for shopping:

Alpha-gal is not “red-meat”. This is not “red-meat allergy” – and naming it that means you can make the same mistake I did and keep eating prosciutto and cheese for the next 2 years! 聽Alpha-gal is all mammals, even including kangaroo, pork, lamb – any animal born with live young. That means the occasional bacon for Sunday breakfast, or ham sandwiches on the run, or pork gyoza, are out. It may even include vegetarian spring-rolls, if they are cooked in the same deep-fried pan as meat spring rolls.

It is also a little tricky if you already follow a vegetarian diet – vegetarianism is ommitting meat and is definitely the closet diet to meat allergy – but sometimes vegetarian foods are cooked with meat (spring roll example above). Just take a little bit of extra caution – take a look at the cooking areas, or read labels. I used to eat mostly vegetarian, but simply didn’t realise some ingredients included mammal products, such as cheese “rennet”.

These are the products to look out for:

  • Cheese (rennet): buy the vegetarian option, which is made with animal-free rennet.
  • Lollies (many different kinds): only eat vegetarian because a lot of lollies are made with gelatine.
  • Thickened Cream, Sour Cream, and some Yoghurts: they often have gelatine. Read ingredients and buy pure cream and pot-set yoghurt. Be careful when eating out at parties or restaurants, as the cakes on offer probably have cream or jelly.
  • Flavoured meals, sauces and condiments: Beef stocks may be used in packaged foods. Choose vegetarian, and just make sure to read the ingredients.
  • Bakery foods: Pizza breads, for example, have bacon, and ham.
  • Cheesecakes: save the experience for when you can buy or make a beautiful raw-vegan! 聽I have a great recipe.

If you have kids? Don’t be like me and eat their left-overs! Or lick your fingers after preparing their meals. That too, was triggering mild reactions for me.

Restaurants & Cafes: You can have a quick chat with the chef when you arrive to check that vegetarian options on the menu definitely haven’t come into contact with beef stock or cooked in the same grill-pan as bacon, for example. Also you can ask to omit cheese. I find chefs and staff so helpful and willing to accommodate – sometimes I ring ahead and let them know and talk about the menu options.

Platters being served at big events: know what you’re eating before you eat it. Take your own foods as a precaution. At our recent conference I made myself unwell eating these delicious parcels that had pork in them … I’d say it was worth it – but it really wasn’t, as I had to leave and missed the event!

The other thing to be weary of, which snuck up on me, is Iron Deficiency. I became iron deficient – and that was not a pleasant 2-3 months. Iron supplementation is often recommended for women, and I recommend it for mammalian meat allergy. Especially while you learn a new vegetarian diet. Especially if you are in child-birthing years with extra blood loss, from birth or miscarriage. I have continued to have my JP+ shakes, which have a good amount of iron. And I know that later on, when the diet becomes more normal and my health is strong and resilient, and my immune system is strong again, the extra supplementation can be taken out.

Supplementation from the chemist. Watch out for gelatine capsules and other mammal ingredients. Ring the company and ask if their vitamins, probiotics are vegetarian. I have found that most of Ethical Nutrients is vegetarian, which is great for probiotics and iron and vitamin B, and have found a favourite list of “safe” supplements. My Naturopath, and my Chemist, are more than willing to call the companies before they sell me their products. Propolis was a favourite supplement of mine. However my brand had gelatine – so it’s worth ringing the company for a quick chat, they are always helpful. I have previously not recommended supplementation from the chemist, but with an allergy, the body can get very run down and the immune system weak. So supplementation and chinese herbs have helped me get back on my feet, along with a varied and heathy diet.

This is why I love our Real Food Tribe community. It is already for the healthy-minded person – but when something totally weird and unexpected pops up, this community is simply a God-Send because pretty-much EVERYTHING in our pages, is safe. I’ve always loved the vegetarian options in this program, and even more so now.

As I think of more examples that may be helpful, I’ll add them to this list over time. I just wanted to raise a little awareness for you, in case a child you know, or an adult you know, is affected – you can easily support them and give them the encouragement that they need. Anxiety, and stress, is often more debilitating than any condition so calming language, hugs and peaceful time together is key.

Please also don’t underestimate the effect of taking meat out of your diet, if you are not used to being a vegetarian. Your body will adapt over time, but it feels the change. I know my body is missing certain foods and I make sure, nowadays, that everyday, I plan ahead to balance each and every meal. It’s NOT ok to be on the run and forget to plan your meals. And it’s NOT ok to gulp your food down in a hurry and create other digestive issues! Don’t we all do that? 馃檪 I feel like this is a precious time to pay extra attention to yourself, because it takes a certain level of discipline and focus to manage an allergy, meal-by-meal, on a daily basis. The last thing we need is other digestive issues or stress placing extra pressures on the beautiful body.

Between salmon, seafood and fish, beans, grains, and the list goes on, there are plenty of ways to keep the body nourished. I’ve added foods back in, that I took out – such as bread, and sugar, to fill me up and ensure I eat. It’s better to eat something than not at all! But I do feel like my body does miss meat, and that’s why I chose to eat it (albeit sparingly) for all my adult years. Often times people associate a tick-bite with Lymes Disease. I can’t comment too much except to say that, in my case, mammalian meat allergy triggered a whole stream of health challenges, not Lymes related, but related to 聽having taken meat out of my diet. Personally, I liked to eat a little meat and it gave me energy and strength. I know it’s not the same for many people and they feel better without meat – on the whole, I do. But a little bit every now and then was good too.

Stress Relief techniques and associating with like-minded people, such as what we have here in our tribe, and watching healthy videos such as Overfed and UnderNourished (and many more, check out the Gaia app) are fantastic. They will give you the heart-felt support you need that vegetarianism is going to be ok, if you weren’t in that full mindset before.

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How to know which oils to use, and which fats are healthy聽

Wondering what oils to cook with? Confused about which fats are good fats? Want to know if fat free foods are what they say they are? Wanting to lose weight but are not sure how to? Wondering how to get the good fats into your family daily?Then this is the webinar for you and your family!

In just a few hours time, Wednesday 30th August 7.30pm Sydney Time. Comment below and I will PM you the link to my affiliate’s webinar. 


Winter Meditation and Yoga the Super Comfy Way

You may have seen the GAIA advertisement pop up in your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. I cannot recommend the GAIA app highly enough !! It has become an integral support for me, and I can practice yoga/meditation for 15-20 minutes a day several times per day. My kids are watching and learning about bodies, anatomy & health & meditation as I set up my mat nearby to them, in the sunshine during the day, or in a warm bedroom at night.  The gentle stretches and meditations deal with releasing, re-opening the circulatory energy, to release toxins.

I even noticed within a few days, loss of lymphatic fluid (looked like I lost 2kg), clearing of sinuses, a significant improvement in my ability to reach and stretch – my mobility throughout the day, greater ease in falling asleep, and muscle tone re-appear when I thought it was AWOL forever 馃ぃ 

I’d 鉂わ笍 for you to have a go, include it into your daily health rituals, ESPECIALLY now we are in a cold Winter. Beginning of Winter, it’s an important time to re-evaluate priorities, let go of what will not serve your holistic self over Winter, start filling your body with warmth, love and self-nurturing, warm your home, cuddle up with family, and let go of toxins and cleanse your mind and body through diet, and movement. 



A healthy intention is everything 鉂わ笍

To my kids I’ve always said, and continue to explain, that inside most businesses is a team of people who hope they are doing the right thing, and who like to make their share of money so they can have a good life and feed their own family just like us, and we love all these people and care about them. But, sometimes, some people don始t know how to look after their body and don始t realise that their business is not helping the world. 

Once my kids heard me openly and passionately question businesses on their marketing, they discovered it was fun to do the same. From 3-4 years old, my children shared the mindset with me that if you始re going to BE in business, do the right thing. And people shouldn始t buy from businesses that aren始t doing good things.

You can read more about this in Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food (www.realtreatsrealfood.com). 

THIS is why we are so passionate about doing what we do for a living. Serve the masses 馃馃寧馃崜馃檶 

I’m expanding my team. If you are looking for an opportunity, give me a rainbow 馃寛 below…


GUT HEALTH (Online Webinar)April 19, 2017聽


Chrohn’s Disease – Stress – Chronic Fatigue – IBS – Ulcerative Colitis – Brain Fog – Anxiety
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Why are these conditions becoming more and more prevalent? How do you balance your body naturally and supercharge your internal energy? This is a MUST attend event that will give you common sense and easy to apply answers. It鈥檚 about adding years to your life and life to your years.


Balancing your kid’s environment, appreciating the small stuff :-)


Many of us live in a time of abundance and over-consumption; we all know this. And it is really obvious when you start having children and the home overloads with accessories, battery-powered things, books, toys… gosh the list goes on forever! I’ve been able to walk through Kmart and pretty much recognize at least 1-2 items of every aisle as something I’ve had in my home. How lucky is my family? Extremely. We received an unbelievable range of children’s toys and accessories from the people we love, and who love us.

We treasured and took impeccable care of each and every one. Because we were shoppers too, we bought a lot ourselves … ‘keep-the-peace’ treats when taking our kids out to the shops, or presents we just HAD to buy our kids聽because we remembered playing with it as a kid. Once I said, our house looked like a blimp full of toys had flown overhead and exploded. I聽laughed about how incredibly blessed we were to receive so much, knowing how many families and children in Australia, and the world, aren’t a fraction as fortunate. Appreciating and valuing our toys is something I stress as very important to my children.

In saying all that, a few years back I had been feeling massive overwhelm at everything I’d been storing and engaging the children with, and had at times even felt suffocated in聽stuff everywhere聽in and around my home. As a person who just wanted to be in nature, basking in warmth of the sunshine, and knowing that nature provides so many toys and experiences on its own ranging from bark and pebbles, to watching the birds fly overhead, I’d wanted to down-size and trim up our home many times. And even though I could easily pack many things up and give them away to others more needy, it was extremely hard to part with things given to us so generously and with so much love. It felt like giving away a toy would be giving away a part of my child, because I know each and every thing is loved by my children. Oh, the dilemma!

One thing I was聽certain of was聽that my older son was聽experiencing the same overwhelm as me, which I thought could be a聽personality trait. If I walk into my office, I can’t work until my desk is clear. The same with my kitchen. I’ve always been like that. And when my son opened a toy box or cupboard, he couldn’t聽play with one in particular – he would get聽overwhelmed and walk away to do something simple outdoors, generally.


I could then see聽a big problem with the way I introduced him to drawing and painting, crafting and sew & lacing, in hindsight. I set him at a table in front of a large pencil case full of every single pen, pencil and crayon we’d ever received or purchased. A LARGE pencil case. With so much variety and choice. Or I pulled out a box of 10 sew-and-lace cards. Or I opened a box with 8 different puzzles to choose from. Although I couldn’t see it at the time, he was simply overwhelmed and didn’t known what to do with it all, and had opted to scatter pieces every where, dig holes with the pencils into the rubbers, or sharpen every pencil instead. That’s good in itself as he was learning and exploring his play and work tools.

But then one day I witnessed his maturity and growing interest in learning more. He wanted to use just one item, but he couldn’t get past the overwhelm and choose what to use. That was the AHA! moment.

We tried something new. We聽began to聽use just one item for it’s designated purpose. One pencil in one beautiful home-made fabric case, which he聽could聽honour and treasure (because it was the only pencil there, he decided it was聽worth looking after). The rest could聽be stored for when said pencil was used and enjoyed to its highest potential.

I decided if I had my time again I would have done this from his very first year:

– one sew and lace card

– one stick of glue and one pair of scissors

– one paint brush and one tube of paint – his favourite colour to begin with and later, his least favourite colour so he can discover its potential for beauty too.

This is totally sounding improper to restrict him of options and colours, but after 4 years of abundance and incredible supply, I wanted to give him an opportunity to learn the value and purpose that just one item or tool of play could聽give him, and enrich his life.

So we packed it all up in聽April聽2015!

At the time, I wrote in my journal “We’ll have everything in our supplies to access when he is showing relevant interest or his learning subject can be complemented, and we will also be supplied with nature’s best tools of play. And I’m really looking forward to seeing how he responds when life and the resources around us are simplified and up-valued, knowing how well it works for me in my workspace.”

And so now, two years on, 聽I can reflect!聽It actually worked superbly for us, for about 15 months – especially as we were travelling Australia at the time. And oh! The joy of unpacking and discovering multitudes of materials once again over the last 6 months!

Both my children now have very technological and creative minds and have their resources spread all over the kitchen table, and we call it their STEM Centre (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). They are also great at recycling, and savouring a cardboard roll to turn into a useful construction. They have great memories for where they left every piece of craft or tool (even if my husband and I think it’s lost for good).

Please share your experiences. How did you, or do you presently, balance gifting your children with awesome commercial materials, versus with gifting them with an opportunity to play聽independently without so many commercial materials?


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Playing the Traffic Light Game + teaching your kids about Life Food vs. Labelled Food

We live in聽an awesome聽time, with a super-intelligent society and more resources and facilities than ever before.聽Our parents lived in times of massive industrial/commercial聽growth with new products and advances in advertising, packaging and marketing through technology. To our parents, new products on the supermarket shelves were a reason to be excited!

Somewhere along the line, however, we awesome people聽generally stopped questioning how food was being made and if it was healthy. Supermarkets, which were at first an exciting novelty, became routine and an integral way of life. We started to take packaged food for granted. And children of this generation learned supermarket shopping as the only way. Many of us are still consciously and sub-consciously influenced by advertisers and marketers, and聽have not the time to question everything.

Trying to educate us are medical experts, nutritionists, naturopaths, social workers, and so on, who encourage us to take on a certain diet or purchase certain food groups and supplements to benefit our health. There are charts and diagrams, tables and lists, of exactly what is in each food, and calculations for us to estimate our daily intake of certain food groups.

When it comes to feeding a family, counting food groups and calculating ‘recommended dietary intake’ is confusing, difficult to teach children, and is hard to live with.聽And it has possibly created an unhealthy and complicated view of what it really is to be healthy.

That’s why I love this game and love sharing it with parents who want some simple techniques!聽I believe this game is a healthier approach than label-reading.

Parenting Energy聽Life Food Fun聽a simple way to change the way you and your children think about eating.聽In this approach everything is good in abundance and everything is recommended.聽If it’s聽Life Food, it’s good to eat.

We have always had fun聽with our Food-Life-Fun game at home.

Why聽you might like this game?
1. You聽are passionate about creating and sharing ways of feeding our body in ways that honour the body’s natural, organic functions.
2. You聽respect the earth and its natural ways of providing us with an edible habitat.
3.聽You are enthusiastic and committed to making sure your kids eat extra servings of real, healthy, beneficial food.

What is Life Food?

Life Food is anything that is as close to its original life form as physically possible. It can be grown and produced in your home or by a neighbor – in a metaphorical sense. For example, fresh seasonal produce, free-range animal products, wheat, grains, legumes, etc – anything that can be grown and produced within a family or community environment and you can see the original food in your kitchen. This also includes home-made preserves, sauces, breads, seasonings, juices, milks, etc, or other creative ways of using Life Foods. We can buy plenty of Life Foods in the supermarket so long as we shop in the fresh-food aisles.

But聽Labelled Food is sold in a package and may be something you could never independently produce, due to the complicated production processes – or it may be an original Life Food that has had something added to it that couldn’t be added at home. The less the Life Food is altered, the healthier it is for your family to eat.

We have made it easy to get on the right road with Life-Food-Fun.聽


With Life-Food-Fun, you simply play a game with the food that’s available and have a little fun talking about it.

Imagine a set of traffic lights. Red is stop, orange is proceed with caution or stop if possible, and red is stop. From a very young age children can learn and associate actions with these colours, and so we use these colours for Life-Food-Fun.

Life Foods are the green light. You can exclaim to your kids: “Go! Eat as much as you like! Healthy! Eat these all day! These foods help your body! Hooray!”

Life Foods, which are blended with oils, are mostly wheat products, or are animal products/bi-products, are the orange light. You can ponder with your kids: “Hmmm, lets think about this. Is this food helpful for my body? Was it produced safely, and respectfully? A little might be ok but we should plan what we’re going to eat today so we make sure to give our body the best food.”

Labelled Foods are the red light. You can say, “Whoa! Stop! Let’s think about what are聽asking our聽body to do – this food is not what our body is designed to eat.”

The ingredients in some foods we eat with our family on special occasions (such as ice cream and custard) have some harmful ingredients likened to paint stripper. We question everything, and if we聽can’t understand how a food is made, stop now.

The simplest way to play the game with your children is to tell them, when they pick food, what colour light it is and whether to Go! Wait and think, or Stop. Be animated! And explain why – what is the food doing that is good, or not good, for the body.

Remember, even if you have a home full of green light foods, you may find that some foods agree with you better than some others do. All people have a body that has its own unique needs that can only be discovered by each person. You will know you best, and you can learn all by yourself.

If you were to take notice of what your family eats for one week, would they be eating mostly Life Foods, or Labelled Foods? I’d love to hear your feedback to this question – comment below or send me a private message to chat.

P.S. We can eat green light all day and live healthy, happy, empowered lives. Thousands of people do right now. They feel happy and confident, look amazing, are enthusiastic to discover new foods, and they have a tasty, varied diet.聽Life-Food-Fun could be helpful for you,聽if you are聽taking a real-time experiment and journey of changing the foods in your聽pantry live healthier, natural and empowered lives.

Healthier: Giving bodies the food they need to grow and create healthy cells. Not modifying the food in radical ways that destroys their health benefits.

Natural: Respecting the relationship between the earth and human bodies by eating foods in their natural season that they grow, and minimizing food kilometers (or the carbon impact by food traveling to defy the natural season).

Empowered: Taking back control of what food is put into our body. Deciding to eat only food, and not unnatural additives.


Copyright, Joanna Becker. Seek permission to copy or reproduce.聽


Welcome to our Free Community

Screen shot 2017-01-30 at 9.21.09 PM

The聽Real Food Tribe – Private聽Community聽is here聽to encourage you聽to feel self-love, inspiration, freedom and health and support your聽whole family in positive living.

My name is Joanna Becker. I’m an author of 3 books on encouraging mums and children to love themselves, honour their bodies and have a fabulous peaceful mindset towards life. I鈥檓 also an active mum, and I already know that taking on extra exercise and a rapid-transformation diet will distract me from my kids and possibly not even be achievable. I鈥檝e tried detoxing and personal training in the past when I was breastfeeding and the detox only lasted 6 hours, and the personal training was great for the hour but then I鈥檇 be in pain for days! And it鈥檚 just not safe to have those side-effects when you are full-time with active kids. So while I knew I wanted to improve my health, I鈥檓 no good as a mum when I鈥檓 weak or my legs are too sore to move. Kids need mums all the time and this digital system definitely looked family-friendly. Along with this, everything I learned that made a profound difference in my life, I wanted to share with others so they too, could benefit from an amazing self-healing technique聽馃檪

In this community I will聽support you and be by your side every step of the way on your ongoing journey to amazing self-love and physical wellness. Therefore please show support to fellow members and offer encouragement and your own tips and healthy-living. We would all love to hear from you!

– Diet and Nutrition, Recipes and Food Creativity
– Meditation, Mindfullness, Science of Life
– Love, Peace, Community, Friendship, Laughter
– Yoga, Exercise, Energy, Fun and Activities
– Resourceful and Respectful Homes

Finally, thank you for coming into our friendly public space to talk about ways to create better family lifestyles, with holistic and healthy parenting and especially the power of the mind and Whole Foods. I love that we’ve been able to come together here to share our special interest.

Jo Becker

To join the Free Community on Facebook now, click聽here right now 馃檪

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March Connection!

Just a little something to say thank you for being amazing and taking care of your body. Putting your health and vitality first is not always easy to do, and I honour you for your commitment to your healthy body and mind.

If you haven’t yet tried one of our Vegan whole food powders that I absolutely love, and you are one of my current virtual retail store customers, you will soon be receiving a little chocolate (or vanilla) gift in the post 馃檪 I start my day with mine and add in rice milk, frozen berries, banana and mango. 100% whole foods, it鈥檚 the bomb!

SMOOTHIE FUN: You can add virtually anything to a delicious morning smoothie. You can use coconut water or nut milk, any fresh fruit or vegetables from your crisper or garden, a little sweetener like banana or honey, and quickly turn it into a smoothie bowl, to refrigerate as a chia seed pudding or even pre-make and pack protein balls.

MARCH WEBINAR: Did you have a chance to attend the live webinar in March? If not, you can watch the recording by commenting on this post and I’ll reply to you directly. In this month’s free health webinar, Dr Anthony Golle reveals the truth behind the protein myth, dairy, sugar and many more conflicting pieces of advice we are faced with daily. He also gave tips on how to live with health and vitality, through these modern-day life changing principles. If you did not receive the event invite for March, please let me know and I’ll help you get access for next month 馃檪

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 7.44.04 am

EASTER IS AROUND THE CORNER: Are you wondering how to enjoy Easter Celebrations the healthy and wholesome way? The special chocolate edition is now out! Happy Easter Celebrations Guide is a free ebook in the Tribal Wellness private support page on Facebook. There are now over 4,000 members in our community enjoying these resources however I’d love to provide my customers with a hard copy for free – so if you would like to receive a hard copy of the Easter guide in the mail, just reply to this email.

I also want to thank you for supporting 2 incredible organisations this month.

The first, the Child Health Study. If you are participating in the global health study that is feeding 1 MILLION children around the world presently, I am committed to donating a portion of my retail profit from your order towards supporting this incredible study. The results for children, who have been participating, are phenomenal and certainly changing lives. The power of whole foods continues to blow me away.

The second, is our affiliated organisation. Again, because of your order (no matter what you order), I am committed to supporting this organisation by contributing a portion of retail profit. These funds go towards putting edible gardens and building kitchens in schools, providing tailored education programs to early childhood facilities and promoting healthy attitudes in schools where children may not necessarily have the support they need at home to choose the best foods to eat everyday. Many children and teenagers at participating entres get to eat our smoothies after school, for free, everyday too. If you would like to support either of these organisations, in any further way, I can help you do this in the way that suits you. Contact me to chat 馃檪

I officially re-launched my business brand, Parenting Energy, as a community with an independent online retail store. It excites me what I am able to create in an online space with my children hanging around in the office with me – technology is still changing my life for the better. You can place orders by getting in touch with me, or simply requesting access to my online store and entering your product choice and payment information – so safe and easy, I know you’ll love the products and ease of shopping as much as I do.

And of massive benefit to you, is the ongoing access to free healthy inspiration and resources including my own ebooks, Dusty’s Wonder Bug, Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food, and Faith In Me: Birth and Pregnancy Companion – as well as the online Tribal Wellness Movement recipe/detox guides and wellness seminars. It is within both the Tribal Wellness Movement private community, and Parenting Energy private community (Facebook pages), where you will find the recordings of 33+ meditations for both you and your children, for any stage or phase in every day life. If you have been connected with me for a while, you might remember receiving these meditations by email each week over 52 weeks, while I travelled the East Coast of Australia with my family.

If you would love to hear about what inspired me to create Parenting Energy and my personal story on the Juice Plus+ products, you can watch my business launch event by clicking this link.

Have an amazing day!

Kind regards,
Jo Becker, Parenting Energy

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