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Is Eating “Vegan” Easy? Realistic? Fun? Healthy? Find out…

Awesome news with a webinar scheduled for tomorrow night at 7.30pm QLD / 8.30pm NSW time with our program’s in house 🌶 Raw Food Nutritionist 🥑 If you’re keen to learn more about the benefits of going vegan or helping your family try more vegan food... this might light you up and add spritz to… Continue reading Is Eating “Vegan” Easy? Realistic? Fun? Healthy? Find out…

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Memories of coloured sand in a bottle inspired this cereal

Happy memories of layering coloured sands in a bottle? Re-create the experience with wholesome ingredients for breakfast cereal. This is a really fun activity and is another way to make breakfast exciting. We have here: Rice bran flakes Goji Berries Puffed millet Desiccated coconut Linseed with Cranberries LSA (Linseed, Sunflower, Almonds) Dehydrated Banana Sultanas Puffed… Continue reading Memories of coloured sand in a bottle inspired this cereal

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Honey and Cinnamon Breakfast Donuts

This morning my DS woke up with a growing-boy hunger for... Donuts. At first I explained why donuts would not be a healthy breakfast but then I realised: we can make a healthy donut all by ourselves. So off to the kitchen we went to make donuts for breakfast. Involving DS in the preparing and… Continue reading Honey and Cinnamon Breakfast Donuts

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Our Soft and Sweet Bread

This is a beautiful sweet bread packed with healthy ingredients including almond meal and fruit - and is completely free of added sugar and dairy (note: 2 eggs are included). A treat for breakfast or morning tea, and perfect for the oven at home or the early-morning campfire. You will need: DRY INGREDIENTS - 4… Continue reading Our Soft and Sweet Bread