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New book release! Max’s Bright Fly … with the magic of making wishes 🌈

Welcoming this little dude to the world today! You can now buy my new book, Max’s Bright Fly with me. I’ve ordered the VERY FIRST 🥇 copy for Max, for his 5th birthday 🎁. Don’t tell him 🤣 If you believe in the Law of Attraction, and want to help your children understand how it… Continue reading New book release! Max’s Bright Fly … with the magic of making wishes 🌈

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That lady said my kids were wild and unruly!

This is what happened. I took my boys (4yo and 1yo) to the supermarket - very brave, I know. 4yo was superb, sitting in the trolley the whole time, rarely saying a word. 1yo was on foot, trotting backwards and forwards pointing his quirky little 1-finger point, waving, talking and charming. I grabbed them hot… Continue reading That lady said my kids were wild and unruly!

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The strength to be ‘individual’

If you have ever had one of those moments where you questioned yourself and your decisions surrounding your children's wellbeing, I've been there before, too. Mine was on the homeschooling subject, and not because I was thinking I should change my choice - I could see that my boys were thriving and were physically, intelligently and emotionally flourishing. Staying together… Continue reading The strength to be ‘individual’

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I have a weekly ‘Recovery day’ – and that’s ok!

What do I do all week? I guide myself and my little loves, (two boys, aged 4 and 1 respectively), through many important socialisation, stimulation and natural learning activities... - Silkwood School's Steiner-inspired playgroup - KinderEnergy Musical playgroup - Greystone Farm Steiner family daycare - Hinze Dam Catchment Kids class - Sunrise beach visit and… Continue reading I have a weekly ‘Recovery day’ – and that’s ok!

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Stories and ideas for raising ‘healthy eaters’

STORY 1: I was with Master 4 in the kitchen and he pretended to pass me imaginary lollies and cookies out of a tin. 'Read the ingredients, Jo', he said. 'Mm,' I said. 'Sugar, glucose syrup, colours, flavours.' He piped up, 'food acid.' 'Yes, probably that too. Not real food hey?' 'No. No real food… Continue reading Stories and ideas for raising ‘healthy eaters’

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The mum who had a fault and shared it.

Thousands of children around Australia are returning to school this week. It's a time of fresh beginnings, of anxiety, excitement, new friendships and relationships - and not only for the children, because parents are equally feeling the mixed bag of emotions. Parents worry about their children, mostly. But what about ourselves? Do we ever think… Continue reading The mum who had a fault and shared it.

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Steiner, Montessori and Your Child

I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to describing methods of teaching various education philosophies. But it's an area that interests me and I'm learning quickly ... so many people are asking me what the difference is between Montessori and Steiner. If you don't know anything and are looking for a basic parent's-view explanation,… Continue reading Steiner, Montessori and Your Child

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Little adults and their parents

When little toddlers mature into little boys and girls it becomes easier to expect more of them and we find ourselves speaking to them in ways we never used to. We might expect them to: - understand consequences - recognize hazards and dangers - always be kind and gentle, courteous and polite to others -… Continue reading Little adults and their parents

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A little bit of trickery

A little bit of trickery can go a long, long way, when it comes to parenting young children. All the way into your future. Trickery that you use now can create years of happiness. But first - a question. Have you noticed that the way you speak to your toddler or little boy/girl has been… Continue reading A little bit of trickery

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Changing perspective using coloured lens

Ever noticed how what we expect almost ALWAYS comes true? How many times do we say, 'I knew it!' Or 'I knew that would happen!' Expectations are a lens that we see life through. It is so incredibly easy to become aware of your lens and take it off, replace it with a different colour.… Continue reading Changing perspective using coloured lens