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New book release! Max’s Bright Fly … with the magic of making wishes 🌈

Welcoming this little dude to the world today! 

You can now buy my new book, Max’s Bright Fly with me. I’ve ordered the VERY FIRST 🥇 copy for Max, for his 5th birthday 🎁. Don’t tell him 🤣
If you believe in the Law of Attraction, and want to help your children understand how it works, this book is definitely for you! If you don’t know anything about the Law Of Attraction, then this book is definitely for you too… learn along with your kids as you turn the pages 📗 I’m really happy I have shared this special message in a colourful children’s book. This book is all about having a great experience in life – living it to the fullest 🙌

You can read all about it by visiting the  shop tab here on this page, or on, you will be able to add it straight into your shopping basket, or link through to the Ebook version on Amazon (if iPad is your thing).
Not only does this book feature a brightly illustrated characters and farm setting, but with its messages of finding love in your heart, spreading kindness, and making wishes for your own life and watching your own magic unfold – the law of attraction for kids in an easy, readable, and enjoyable format – this book is sure to take pride of place in your bookshelf and be a favourite to read at bedtime.

Also great for preschools, childcare and playgroups. This is a large-format brightly illustrated children’s picture book, written in rhyme, with plenty of opportunity to engage children and start conversations about their own experiences in life. 
More images coming once I have the hardcopy in my hands. Can’t wait! 

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Helping Your Children Crave Healthy Real Food Tomorrow

As an author of children’s book Dusty’s Wonder Bug, which encourages eating whole food and calling real food grown in nature “treats”, people chat to me and say that their kids would NOT eat vegetables in the past. If this is you now, it doesn’t make you a bad parent!!! It’s simply the times we live in, what our bodies have been taught to crave, and what’s available as far as nutrition goes.

Yet here I have just walked into the kitchen to see my 4yo mixing up a tall glass of water with 17 different varieties from dehydrated powders for no other reason than MUMMY I FELT LIKE HAVING MY CHEWIES. 

He dropped his green and red CHEWIES in the already nutrient-laden water to use as ice cubes. CUTE. 

If you have kids, you know that what you give your kids’ bodies today they will CRAVE MORE of tomorrow. 

More than 70% of illness is widely preventable by 7-13 servings of fruit/veg/berries/sprouts/legumes every day. 

Another EASY WAY to make it happen, along with leading by example and following the techniques in my book Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food is this: 

If you encourage they have fun with these chews, what you might see happen is kids rummage through the fridge to eat cucumber, carrots, spinach, and load up their smoothies with avocado, and start filling up their own lunchboxes with cold broccoli and even zoodles (zuchini noodles) with pesto, just like I’ve seen in my home and in the home of many friends around the globe. 

While I’m not an active distributor for anything other than my books, I will more than happily refer these food products to you. I’d love to invite you to use my virtual office to get your order in quickly and securely. Below thumbs up this post and I’ll message you the link where you can get your questions answered and place your order with a click. 

I ❤️ helping you all.

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The strength to be ‘individual’

img_4722If you have ever had one of those moments where you questioned yourself and your decisions surrounding your children’s wellbeing, I’ve been there before, too.

Mine was on the homeschooling subject, and not because I was thinking I should change my choice – I could see that my boys were thriving and were physically, intelligently and emotionally flourishing. Staying together everyday worked so fabulously well for us, and we were 100% happy without pre-school or daycare settings. The reason I questioned myself was because I remembered that I wasn’t not doing what most others were doing, and sometimes that fact alone really made me insecure, and question how I could possibly fit in within my social environment.

My whole perception of pre-school, along with many other accepted social norms, was objective and challenging. At the end of the day – research, facts and statistics aside – my perception on “pre-school and my family” was in support of my own intuition, which told me that (a) I was doing the right thing observing and responding to my children’s personal needs – their active and passive verbal and non-verbal requests – and (b) I was doing the right thing providing alternative (I’ll say superior just because I can 🙂 ) social and educational opportunities within our comfortable environment.

(Here is Master 4 who is free to run and play in the rain in our beautiful rainforest garden on weekdays)

So in conversation with others, our words could be limited and even, at times, fragile and uncomfortable. We knew our differences and loved each other regardless. Parenting is such an important role and no matter what, we respected each other, absolutely.

It’s tempting – in one of these hours of feeling insecure (and like a social misfit) – to give in to anxiety and get caught up in snow-ball thinking.

“I could start researching pre-schools. But, I won’t, because my intuition tells me we are happy, healthy, and where we are meant to be.”

“I could try to make new friends. But, I won’t, because my intuition tells me we are happy, healthy, and where we are meant to be.”

“I could debate with my ‘significant others’ to try to prove my points and get them on my side. (Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all on the same side, sometimes!) But, I won’t, because my intuition tells me we are happy, healthy, and where we are meant to be.”

“I could think about this topic all day, continually question myself, and let it take me away from the joys of the present. But, I won’t, because my intuition tells me we are happy, healthy, and where we are meant to be.”

(And who would want to be distracted from this present moment? Just look at Master 1 sloshing in the muddy puddles as the fog glides over us.)

If you want to refresh your techniques on handling mini-crisis events (and we have so many, as parents) and developing your ability to follow your intuition with confidence, that’s what I am here for. Feel free to contact me anytime.

– copyright, Joanna Becker. Contact for permission to reproduce.